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We asked some of our customers what it's like to conduct digital healthcare through Curoflow and work in the telemedicine platform every day
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Aleris is a Scandinavian healthcare provider with 130 clinics across Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Aleris offers specialty care in a number of areas and the organization have 2 million patient visits a year. Apart from their physical clinics, Aleris also have a digital psychiatry clinic through the Curoflow platform, where they offer psychological assessments and treatments to patients in Sweden.

“Curoflow has given us a smoother patient flow and made it possible to have all digital patient interaction in one system. Through Curoflow's platform, patients can easily submit their self-referral and get support from us at any time via chat and video meetings. It has also been easy to customize questionnaires and flows. We are delighted that both our staff and our patients find the tool practical and easy.”

Lina Anderhell Öberg
Unit Manager, Aleris Digital Psychiatry
Aleris psychiatry clinic through Curoflow telemedicine software


Migränhjälpen offers specialist help to patients with severe headaches and migraines throughout Sweden. Today, contact, assessment and counselling take place through Curoflow's digital patient portal, asynchronous chat and video meetings.

“Working in Curoflow is a lot faster in comparison to the system we had before. A big advantage is that Curoflow is synchronized with Webdoc's calendar, so the systems communicate with each other. It is also convenient with a built-in GDPR-compliant video service.”

Ann-Elise Tammar
Nurse, Migränhjälpen
Migränhjälpen telemedicine patient portal by Curoflow telehealth platform

“Curoflow has a well-functioning and clear-cut platform. They are also very responsive and quick to make improvements in the platform. As a customer, you feel that they are really listening to you.”

Mattias Bodin
CEO, Migränhjälpen


AccessCare is a Swedish healthcare company that provides advanced healthcare at home, on behalf of Region Stockholm. Their multi-professional team of doctors, nurses, assistant nurses, dietician, physiotherapist, occupational therapist and counselor all make home visits to examine and treat their patients.

AccessCare aims to provide accessible care where both patients and their families feel a high degree of participation. This is facilitated by Curoflow's digital communication channels. Through AccessCare's mobile app, patients and their families can for example book physical visits, or chat and have video meetings with a variety of professionals from their healthcare provider.

"Curoflow provides peace of mind for our patients as they can easily contact us at any time. We deliver advanced healthcare services to patients in their homes, and Curoflow offers us an excellent way to engage with our patients, even at a distance. This improves accessibility while also streamlining our staff's daily work. The interface with it´s medical forms, chat, and video functionalities have been well-received features that future-proof our operations and ensure that we remain at the forefront."

Arja Autere
Operations Manager, ASiH AccessCare
Accesscare using Curoflow telemedicine platform for advanced in-home healthcare


Ekenhälsan in Kållered is one of Sweden's largest clinics specializing in testosterone treatment for men. For Ekenhälsan it is important that their patients can easily handle their cases and get answers to questions that arise during a treatment. Therefore, the clinic offers digital communication channels through both web and mobile app, which is highly appreciated by their patients.

"Curoflow has reduced administration and our telephone queues, which is a great improvement for both our staff and our patients! Through the mobile app, patients can chat with us, get test results, renew prescriptions etc. and our staff handle incoming cases when it suits them. Curoflow is truly white label and easy to customize in terms of both function and appearance. We have customized the patients' functions in the app according to our flows and the entire interface is designed after our visual look. It's also good to know that Curoflow truly lives up to GDPR and does not use overseas cloud services that risk our patients' privacy."

Johan Meisel
IT Manager, Ekenhälsan
Ekenhälsan patient portal through Curoflow telemedicine software

Gynhälsan IVF

Gynhälsan IVF is an obstetrics and gynaecology practice that receives patients from large parts of southern Sweden. According to gynecologist Marianne Holmgren Windh, Curoflow facilitates, amongst other things, the patient communication in their fertility treatments.

“Quick and easily accessible for both patient and healthcare provider! Since we started working in Curoflow, patient security has improved. Social security numbers, prescriptions and appointments are not at risk of ending up in an environment where unauthorised people can access the data, as the app is GDPR-secure.”

Linda Petersson
Midwife, Gynhälsan IVF
Healthcare personnel at obgyn clinic working in Curoflow telemedicine platform

“The Curoflow telemedicine platform gives us an amazingly flexible and easy way to communicate with our patients”

Marianne Holmgren Windh
Gynecologist, Gynhälsan IVF

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