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Nurse working with Curoflow telemedicine platform at primary care clinic

Provide digital healthcare with a telemedicine platform that gives you flow

Say hello to the future of healthcare with Curoflow - the comprehensive digital healthcare and telemedicine platform

Modern functions for digital healthcare

Imagine a world where administrative tasks no longer consume all your precious time, and you can provide patient-centered care that exceeds expectations. With Curoflow, you can create a seamless flow in patient care, ensuring patient safety and data security. Streamline your processes, improve patient outcomes, and experience the power of Curoflow's revolutionary solutions that puts healthcare back in your hands. Join the revolution and discover the possibilities of the Curoflow telemedicine platform today.
Digital front door for patients through Curoflow white label telemedicine app.

Digital entry points for your patients

Through Curoflow, patients can effortlessly connect with your practice online and seek medical care. You have the freedom to select their digital access points, like chat-based messaging, scheduling digital or in-person visits, and whether they can submit their own care requests. Moreover, you can conveniently create new appointments, including follow-up visits conducted online or in-person.

Patient uses self-service functions in Curoflow telemedicine app

Self-service & automation

Curoflow eases the workload of healthcare personnel by automating tasks and empowering patients to make appointments, complete their medical history, and handle other activities by themselves. Curoflow seamlessly integrates with EHR systems, automatically transferring calendar bookings and journal notes between the systems.

Curoflow telemedicine plaform is white label for computer and Swedish app.

White-label & customization

The Curoflow telemedicine platform is scalable and adaptable to different types of healthcare organizations, ranging from small clinics to entire municipalities and large corporations. The platform is a white-label product, ensuring that only your brand and graphic profile are visible to your patients.

Doctor in GDPR-secure video meeting regarding patients

Chat & video meetings

Curoflow enables you to conveniently connect with your patients and other parties anytime and anywhere it's convenient for them. Our video service is designed for secure healthcare meetings that comply with GDPR regulations. You can effortlessly invite third parties without the need for software installation. In the asynchronous chat, you can share dynamic questionnaires, images, and other pertinent information related to medical cases.

Patient journal in mobile app for remote monitoring of cronicle conditions

Patient monitoring with data

Curoflow's calendar allows remote monitoring of patients with chronic conditions. Patients can provide structured information about their issues, which converts into valuable statistics for the healthcare provider. The calendar also offers customizable notifications, making it simpler for patients to track their progress in longer care processes.

Send and receive referrals through the Curoflow telemedicine software.

Enhancing consultations & referrals

Effortlessly share patient cases and information electronically with e-Connect! This tool allows healthcare providers to easily consult peers across different clinics and streamline patient referrals between organizations. By using e-Connect, you will not only boost referral numbers and optimize your operations but also ensure smooth and uninterrupted patient journeys.

Curoflow staff help healthcare professional with telemedicine functions.

Technology & support

The Curoflow platform is entirely developed by us for complete control over our technology and service delivery. Our platform is CE-marked in accordance with the MDR, and we process all data within the EU to ensure strict compliance with the GDPR. We assist all customers with onboarding, and our support team is available seven days a week for any assistance you may require.

Why Curoflow telemedicine platform?

Experience the power of Curoflow for seamless telemedicine, with simplified workflows, customizable solutions, enhanced patient experiences, an integrated platform, and a future-focused approach.

The whole platform, including the video-service, is developed and hosted within the EU for strict GDPR compliance

Curoflow is developed by healthcare professionals to save time and make patient flows go smoother

Integration with electrical health records for online bookings and simple export of journal notes

State of the art chronic condition monitoring helping you make data-driven decisions

Design and workflows can be customized to suite healthcare providers of all types and sizes

Patient self-service, automation and dynamic communication enables you to help more patients

Your patients can easily follow and manage their care through your online patient portal

Boost brand and patient loyalty with extensive white-label functionality. It’s all about you!

Flow into the future:

Your digital healthcare platform

Unleash the future of healthcare with Curoflow: build your digital care center and connect with patients online. We embrace digital health, technology, and data security, empowering you to focus on your practice and patients. Together, let's redefine patient-centric care through enhanced accessibility, streamlined encounters, intuitive interfaces, and automated processes. Discover the possibilities of the Curoflow platform.
Nurse working with patient triage in Curoflow telemedicine software platform

Free up time and improve the work environment for your staff

Unleash the power of Curoflow: empower healthcare providers with self-service patient management, asynchronous digital communication, and automated processes, saving precious time for quality care. Shortened wait times and reduced crowding relieve stress on healthcare staff. Embrace remote work, optimize staff resources, and expand your reach to serve patients from a larger geographic area. Experience the Curoflow telemedicine platform and revolutionize your practice today!

Telehealth for patients through Curoflow telemedicine mobile app

Make healthcare faster and more accessible for your patients

Empower your patients by allowing them to interact with your healthcare clinic anytime and anywhere, without having to wait on the phone or in a waiting room. With Curoflow, patients can easily create, track, and manage their healthcare matters digitally. The telemedicine platform enables private healthcare appointments during busy weekdays and allows patients to quickly receive assistance for minor issues. As physical capacity is freed up by the digital system, your patients will also experience shorter wait times for more advanced treatments. Provide your patients with the convenience they deserve!

The impact of Curoflow in your care 

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Voices of success 

Hear from our customers: real stories of success with the Curoflow telemedicine software platform. Discover how Curoflow has transformed their practices, improved patient care, and enhanced operational efficiency. Join them on their journey and unlock the potential of digital healthcare.
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Customized to fit your healthcare practice 

The Curoflow telemedicine software platform is designed to seamlessly adapt and scale to meet the needs of diverse healthcare practices, ranging from individual clinics to extensive municipal and regional networks. Experience the flexibility and power of Curoflow as it effortlessly caters to your unique healthcare setting, ensuring optimized workflows and enhanced patient care. 

Primary care clinic

Enhance convenience and save time by allowing your patients to access your primary care clinic online. Through your digital portal, patients can obtain information, seek medical treatment, and self-book appointments, thus freeing up time for those requiring in-person visits. Asynchronous chat proves invaluable in primary care, and Curoflow additionally offers customizable collections of quick phrases for efficient communication.

Nurses exporting anamnesis to medical records in Curoflow patient portal
Nurses exporting anamnesis to medical records in Curoflow patient portal

Primary care clinic

Enhance convenience and save time by allowing your patients to access your primary care clinic online. Through your digital portal, patients can obtain information, seek medical treatment, and self-book appointments, thus freeing up time for those requiring in-person visits. Asynchronous chat proves invaluable in primary care, and Curoflow additionally offers customizable collections of quick phrases for efficient communication.

Healthcare personnel at obgyn clinic working in Curoflow telemedicine platform

Specialty care

Curoflow is a white-label solution that can be customized for each clinic's specialty, unique flows, and needs. You control which functions patients can access in the portal, and the dynamic forms for capturing status and medical history are tailored to your practice. With calendars and patient journals for monitoring and support in longer treatments, Curoflow is ideal for patients with chronic conditions.

Video meeting with an IVF fertility clinic through Curoflow telemedicine software

Fertility care

The Curoflow telemedicine platform helps facilitate communication throughout fertility investigations and treatments. It reduces wait times and lowers the risk of missed appointments, enhancing the likelihood of a successful outcome. The Curoflow calendar and patient journal are highly valued for planning and monitoring fertility treatments. With numerous tasks to manage, IVF patients rely on Curoflow as a dependable source of support.

Corporate healthcare through Curoflow telemedicine software

Corporate healthcare

Offer accessible and flexible corporate healthcare with Curoflow! The platform gives you a direct digital channel to your clients for chat, video meetings, scheduling of appointments and much more. Through Curoflow you can easily distribute instructional videos and invite employees for physical tests and health screenings. Additionally, Curoflow reduces travel time and allows employees to communicate from home while on sick leave.

Appointment booking at the student health centre through Curoflow telemedicine app

Student care services

With digital access and flexible communication, Curoflow enhances accessibility to student healthcare for both students and their guardians. The diary function enables health monitoring of students, providing structured data for statistics and resource planning. Utilize the Curoflow telemedicine platform to share human resources and enhance students' access to specialized care!

Home health care patient using Curoflow telemedicine platform

Home healthcare

With Curoflow, patients receiving home care can conveniently stay connected with you via their smartphone. In addition to secure chat and video calls, where you can securely invite external people, you can also monitor patients remotely. This valuable information enables you to prepare for physical visits by bringing the necessary assistance and medication, minimizing unnecessary trips.

Community care video meeting through Curoflow telemedicine app

Community care

Curoflow streamlines communication and case management, regardless of whether it is for social services, childcare, home care or nursing homes. Digital entry points enhance accessibility and GDPR-secure chat/video facilitates both interprofessional and client interactions. With Curoflow you have the ability to design both appearance and functionality of your digital interface, for each unit in your organization.

Doctor at hospital in video meeting through Curoflow telemedicine platform

Large healthcare organization

With Curoflow, you can deploy a unified communication platform across all units in your diverse organization. You decide how you want to structure the departments, clinics, apps and web interfaces for your patients' digital access. Since Curoflow is a white-label product, the patient portals are designed according to the organization's different profiles, and each healthcare provider decides how to tailor the features to their specific business.

Telemedicine portal for healthcare and social services in a municipality


Improve access and communication in your municipality! Curoflow is designed to support citizen and patient management across a wide range of services. It enbles you to deploy a consistent digital communication platform across all units in your municipality. With protected logins and data processing exclusively in Sweden, Curoflow's video service enables secure multi-party calls in strict compliance to the GDPR.

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